The nation’s relationship video chat with gay men the Great British Bake Off features showcased the talent, creativity and love of bakers. We asked all of our buddies at the Hummingbird Bakery to generally share their own top reasons why should you think about online dating a baker (should the chance arise)…


1. They will provide free cake. Undoubtedly the most effective explanation currently a baker. Getting included romantically with a person who is baking inclined will land several tasty baked goods in your lap frequently. And all sorts of carefully made by their unique reasonable hand

2. They’re innovative. Numerous bakers tend to be competent designers too and generally are comfy revealing their artsy side. Frosting is their paint and dessert is the material. Count on lovable cookies with your title to them.

3. They’ve got outstanding style. Dozens of cakes, cupcakes and pastries train bakers to own an excellent palate. Whom preferable to accompany you for a romantic dinner date?

4. They may be able hold hefty things. What whisking, whipping, training and stirring provides them with fantastic chest muscles energy under those aprons!

5. Your loved ones will like all of them. When a baker lets you know what their job is actually, you usually listen to a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs”. Their own abilities will definitely wow the family whenever they bring a homemade dessert along.

6. They’re proficient at following guidelines. Trying to a meal ensures that they may be able simply take path and they think methodically.

7. These are typically staff people. Heat regarding the ovens and hectic kitchen areas mean that bakers are incredibly considerate to others as well as constantly deal with care and respect.

8. They’re organised. Xmas presents to get for the entire household? Scheduling an anniversary holiday away? You can easily depend on your own baker to prioritise tasks and also make planning very simple.

9. These are generally very determined. It will take an unique type individual get right up extremely early in the early morning many individuals are tucked up during intercourse. And they’ll likely have baked several magnificent productions just before’ve actually strike snooze.

10. They’re going to bring work house (and that is a very important thing). Bakers can’t withstand utilizing their sparetime to experiment with various meals and flavours in their kitchens. Get fork at ready, as you arrive at be their chief style tester!

11. Seem beyond the hairnets, it isn’t really just the ovens that are hot. Once you understand your way around a kitchen is sexy and great meals is exactly about hedonism. Baking is actually pure pleasure for your sensory faculties.

12. They’re a dab hand with washing. Bakers’ overalls have to be pristine and thoroughly clean for kitchen area, you may not locate them shirking laundry duties.

13. They’re going to have a feeling of humour. Dozens of off-the-wall novelty cakes result from the lively masterminds of some really cheeky bakers.

14. Prepare getting treated like royalty. Wave so long to shop-bought cakes, you are going to get do-it-yourself birthday desserts for lifetime. And even when it is perhaps not a special event, the baker beau could make you feel just like a million bucks with goodies than you can shake a spatula at.

15. Perfection will come as common. From a croquembouche to a loaf of sourdough, bakers wouldn’t dream of serving upwards something not as much as excellent. These are generally aim focused and certainly will usually guarantee they offer their loved ones their all.


Hummingbird Bakery brings the real taste of home-baked American desserts and desserts into UK baked new from the greatest top quality components. Check out certainly one of their six London limbs or purchase on line.